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Welcome to HIRED! The Podcast, where we embark on a mission to spotlight the brightest minds shaping the future of food manufacturing and industrial automation.

From its inception, HIRED! has been a platform dedicated to fostering genuine dialogues with trailblazers who are driving change and leaving a mark in their respective industries. Our conversations delve into everything from emerging hiring patterns to innovative cultural initiatives, all aimed at empowering our audience to elevate their expertise and distinguish themselves in competitive landscapes.

If you’re passionate about sharing your insights and experiences, we invite you to join us as a featured guest on our podcast. Let’s inspire and inform together!

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HIRED! The Podcast

Meet The Host:

Travis Miller, President of Miller Resource Group and Visionary Founder of HIRED! The Podcast has a passion for finding the best formulas to create a utopian job market by having edgy conversations with the most brilliant minds in the industry.


"Miller Resource Group is a vital and trusted recruiting company."

Charlotte Hill Former President of Georg Fischer Signet LLC

Miller Resource Group is a vital and trusted recruiting company for hard to find personnel in the process control industry. Their abilities to find excellent candidates that fit our business was outstanding. Miller became a real team player by keeping all parties up-to-date and aware of the process steps. A 5 star organization!

"Miller demonstrates superior talent acquisition."

James Burcham TA Specialist, Kerry Ingredients

Miller Resource Group has been an a great partner in the TA function. They understand talent acquisition and deliver top notch candidates. Miller Resource Group is prompt on every aspect of the process which makes the partnership very successful!

“After explaining our specific needs, he responded within three days with three candidates that were a perfect match.”

Ken Mueck Director Sales and Marketing, INTORQ U.S.

We had specific needs and requirements for an outside sales person and after one year of searching could not find the right candidate. After meeting with Mike Sullivan and explaining our specific needs he responded within three days with three candidates that were a perfect match. We hired one of the candidates and the process was very easy. Mike and his organization are very professional, work to a high standard of ethics, and are now a true partner for INTORQ U.S. I highly recommend them!

"MRG has been our strategic partner. Having a great recruiter is the most valuable professional service we utilize."

Trent Overholt Managing Partner, VMG Consultants & Advisors, Inc.

They delivered over a dozen hires with the right capabilities and cultural fit; they also did it in a timeframe that reduced my total costs and fueled growth. Delivering the right candidates quickly has a clear and obvious value in reducing the total costs of attracting/hiring/retaining the right talent. The bigger benefit is that top performers bring revenue sooner rather than later. Our relationship and success with Miller Resource has expedited and heightened our success, with a clear and compelling ROI.

"Miller is thorough and provides valuable insight into their recommended candidates."

VP Human Resources Frozen Foods Company

The MRG team has been thorough in learning our jobs and our culture (in a very short time frame). They do a great job representing our company to prospective candidates, as well as, providing valuable insight into the recommended candidates. Miller Resource Group has become our go to recruiting team based on providing great candidates in a short time frame in an extremely professional manner. Departments ask if they can use Miller Resource Group.

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