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At Miller Resource Group, we pride ourselves on being a leading recruitment firm specializing in the industrial technology sector. Our commitment to excellence and deep industry knowledge ensures that we connect the most talented professionals with pioneering companies across a range of technological fields.

Our Specialties:

We specialize in factory automation, process control, robotics, machine vision, food processing equipment, packaging equipment, material handling, building automation, and energy management & HVAC. Each of these areas is vital to the technological advancement and efficiency of modern industries."

Comprehensive Recruitment Solutions:

We deliver tailored recruitment solutions that meet the specific needs of each sector. For factory automation and process control, we source candidates who bring precision and innovative problem-solving skills. In robotics and machine vision, we match cutting-edge projects with creative thinkers who push technological boundaries. Our approach ensures that sectors like food processing and packaging equipment are staffed with professionals who prioritize safety and efficiency.

Tailored Job Opportunities:

Our recruitment services are designed to cater to professionals seeking advancement in critical areas such as material handling, building automation, and energy management & HVAC. We understand the importance of each specialty and facilitate career growth by connecting experts with meaningful opportunities in these fields.

“We grow teams, build companies, launch careers and impact entire industries."

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"Miller is thorough and provides valuable insight into their recommended candidates."

The MRG team has been thorough in learning our jobs and our culture (in a very short time frame). They do a great job representing our company to prospective candidates, as well as, providing valuable insight into the recommended candidates. Miller Resource Group has become our go to recruiting team based on providing great candidates in a short time frame in an extremely professional manner. Departments ask if they can use Miller Resource Group.

VP Human Resources

Frozen Foods Company

"Miller demonstrates superior talent acquisition."

Miller Resource Group has been a great partner in the TA function. They understand talent acquisition and deliver top notch candidates. Miller Resource Group is prompt on every aspect of the process which makes the partnership very successful!

James Burcham

TA Specialist, Kerry Ingredients

"Miller Resource Group is a vital and trusted recruiting company."

Miller Resource Group is a vital and trusted recruiting company for hard to find personnel in the process control industry. Their abilities to find excellent candidates that fit our business was outstanding. Miller became a real team player by keeping all parties up-to-date and aware of the process steps. A 5 star organization!

Charlotte Hill

Former President of Georg Fischer Signet LLC

Our focus is Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and Operations. We search for professionals at all levels, including key individual contributor roles such as Sales, Engineering and Product Management, and senior leadership positions such as Director, Vice President and C-level executives.

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Industrial Automation: A specialized industry that requires a unique perspective on the best fit for talent.

At Miller Resource Group we know that Automation helps the worlds’ factories improve. It plays a crucial role in manufacturing processes which saves money and reduces the chance for human error in the end. We want to enhance the industry even more by using our 50 years of experience in resource solutions to match the right talent with the right role. We frequently search on Sales, Marketing and Engineering roles for the Manufacturers of automation equipment and their solution partners. Systems Integrators, Machine Builders and Processing equipment providers fall all into these categories.

1.- An innovative industry that has changed manufacturing.

Efficiency, cost savings, safety for workers and consumers, plus potential remedy for increasing labor shortage are all areas where technology can help. Control Systems, measurement products, robotics, software, and artificial intelligence are tied together with IIoT, so data can be collected for tracking and continuous improvements. Here in the US factory automation has been a major market, and the increase of competitiveness between manufacturers has made the demand for this industry stronger. This means that if you want to stay competitive you need the right people to help your company get to the top. The average age of high-level executives in this industry is around the mid 50’s to mid-60’s, where individual contributors and future leaders range from mid-20’s to mid-40’s. Therefore, many professionals still have long working careers ahead of them or, in some cases, are just starting out in the field.

Key facts regarding industrial automation:

2.- Industrial Automation jobs:

As mentioned above, we focus on sales, marketing, and engineering roles from manager to c-suite. We have a large network of, not only talented individuals, but people who are passionate and devoted to this industry.

3.- Find out more about how we can help you:

At Miller you will find a team of specialists ready to assist candidates and employers with the right hiring process. Contact us today and we can set you in the right direction, whether you’re starting your career, looking for new talent or in search of the perfect fit for your company. Go to for more information about the Automation industry and how we will help you.

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