HIRED! The Podcast (Ft. Jacob Sanchez) | Ep. #40

In today’s rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape, the blend of technology and human adaptability stands out as a critical factor for success. Jacob Sanchez, a dynamic figure straddling the realms of manufacturing and content creation, recently joined Travis Miller on HIRED! The Podcast to share his nuanced views on these pivotal topics.

When discussing the impact of technology on manufacturing jobs, Sanchez offered a balanced perspective. “You can’t replace people with AI,” he emphasized. “As a user of AI, I see it as a tool to replace someone who isn’t adaptable.” This viewpoint challenges the prevailing fear that automation and AI will render human roles obsolete, highlighting instead the potential for technology to complement human skills.

Beyond technology, the conversation delved into the importance of adaptability and continuous learning in the industry. Sanchez recounted his experience as a machinist, where trial and error played a crucial role in mastering new techniques. “Trials are doing something, seeing that it failed, making a 5% or 10% adjustment, and trying again,” he explained. This iterative approach, whether in machining or business development, underscores the value of persistence and resilience.

Sanchez also touched on the growing significance of certifications like ITAR and ISO in the industry. “Those jobs are unique,” he noted, “because you can only get them with certain certifications.” His insights highlight the changing skill requirements in manufacturing, emphasizing the need for ongoing education and training to stay competitive.

Wrapping up the conversation, Sanchez reflected on the importance of cultivating a positive workplace culture. “Imagine a workplace where it’s just enjoyable, a part of life,” he mused. His words resonate as a call to action for industry leaders to prioritize employee well-being and satisfaction, recognizing that a motivated workforce is key to driving innovation and growth.

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