If you’re reading this you may be considering additions to your team. That’s a good thing, right? You get to build the team that will try to do something significant...what a great opportunity! Jim Collins, in his iconic book, Good to Great said, “Everything is dependent on getting the right people in the right seats.” We have the skill, resources, experiences, and most importantly, the enthusiasm to do it well. Let us get to know you and your vision. We’ll line up the impact players who can make your dreams come true.

“The only way to know you’re getting the best person for a key position is to evaluate many...and this is what we do. Identifying the right people is our job and you can count on us.”

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Miller Resource Group leverages search expertise, a focus on relationships, and industry knowledge to best serve your company.

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Nurturing Empathetic Leadership

Selecting effective leaders is a critical undertaking that can significantly influence an organization's success. Beyond qualifications and experience, true leadership prowess lies in qualities like empathy, self-awareness, and a commitment to fostering collaboration. In this episode of HIRED! The Podcast, Therese Gopaul-Robinson, MPH dives into the art of evaluating leadership potential

Why is talent acquisition important

Talent acquisition is the base of any industry and fundamental for employers. In this blog, we aim to highlight the importance of finding the right talent for your organization, whether you’re a recruiter, large organization, startup or candidate. We have been working in talent acquisition

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We know that with the right talent on your teams, your culture, workforce, management team and stakeholders will all be left feeling content. Our team aims to provide the perfect connection with your potential director and senior position candidates, using its wealth of knowledge and

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Finding the best candidate with the perfect skillset

We know that your time is valuable and it’s becoming harder to find the right talent for your team. Miller has the solution. We prioritize expertise, relationships, industry knowledge and a combination of hard and soft skills to enhance your talent and put you in touch with the right candidates.

  • Global: we are proudly multicultural and multiregional, meaning that we have a global reach. We believe that the best talent knows no borders, and we work across the United States and globally to provide the people you need.
  • Focused on people: start your conversation with us today and we’ll give you the most expert, personalized guidance to start meeting the candidates that your business needs. For this step, we draw on our experience in working with employers across our industries of expertise to search for the best candidates and find the right fit.
  • Strike a balance: candidate search is a complex process. We know it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of requirement. Candidates bring with them their own history, experiences, passions and goals. It’s important to strike the balance between hard and soft skills. We value attitude, education and experience, and believe that finding good candidates depends on expert consultancy and mentoring.

Candidate search, where do we start?

We are aware that your needs, timeframes and even working styles have changed dramatically over the past year an a half. We aren’t afraid of change. In fact, we love and enjoy working with different companies in different environments. Whether you’re working from the office, from home or from any state across the US (or country for that matter) we are waiting to pick up the phone or write you and start this journey together.

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