HIRED! The Podcast (Ft. Dr. Carrie Graham) | Ep. #42

Challenging the Norms of Workplace Training: Insights from Dr. Carrie Graham

In a compelling episode of HIRED! The Podcast, Dr. Carrie Graham explores innovative training paradigms with fervor and a commitment to organizational development. She urges a shift from the common reactive training to a proactive model that addresses underlying issues and promotes continuous learning.

The Pitfalls of Reactive Training

Dr. Graham highlights the drawbacks of reactive training, emphasizing how it can foster resentment within organizations. “Having your training strictly be reactive creates resentment in organizations,” she states, setting the stage for a discussion on more effective strategies with host Travis Miller. Instead of quick fixes for mistakes, she advocates for open dialogues that encourage ongoing development and problem-solving.

Investing in Early Employee Development

Echoing the nurturing role of parental guidance, Dr. Graham stresses the importance of early and comprehensive onboarding processes. She shares examples of organizations that successfully invest in new employees from the start, ensuring a solid foundation for future growth. “It’s about treating, not just teaching,” she notes, reinforcing the need for a holistic approach to training.

Bridging Enthusiasm and Capability

During the podcast, Dr. Graham explores the essential balance between an employee’s motivation and their abilities. By reflecting on her interest in manufacturing processes, she underscores the necessity for training that equips employees with the skills to match their enthusiasm, ensuring their success. “It’s about treating, not just teaching,” she repeats, highlighting the importance of supportive and effective training methods.

Delivering Sensitive Training Topics

The discussion shifts to the challenges of presenting sensitive training topics. Dr. Graham focuses on the importance of engaging employees effectively and aligning training with organizational values, which ensures that learning is both meaningful and impactful.

Inviting Change in Training Approaches

Concluding the episode, Dr. Graham offers an open invitation to organizations looking to enhance their training frameworks. Her expertise, she assures, can help develop training programs that resonate well with employees and contribute to the success of the organization.

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