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We specialize in advancing careers and businesses across the expansive landscape of the food and beverage industry, encompassing animal agriculture, bakery snacks, beverages, dairy products, flavors, ingredients, meat, seafood, and shelf-stable and frozen foods. Our deep-rooted expertise spans every facet of this dynamic sector, from food manufacturing and production to technology, packaging, safety, quality control, distribution, logistics, and supply chain management.

With a clientele ranging from Fortune 500 Corporations to agile start-ups, we facilitate growth and success at every level. From nurturing budding talent to elevating established leaders, our commitment remains unwavering.

In the realm of talent acquisition, our prowess extends across a diverse spectrum of disciplines, including managerial roles at all levels. From C-Level executives to department managers, we specialize in recruiting top talent for roles in engineering, finance, human resources, logistics, maintenance, operations, marketing, quality assurance, research & development, sales, and supply chain management. We meticulously search and place individuals in roles ranging from individual contributors such as category analysts or flavor chemists, through middle management, and up to the highest echelons of corporate leadership, including Directors, Vice Presidents, CEOs, COOs, and CFOs.

Through our comprehensive approach to talent management, we redefine industry standards and propel businesses towards unparalleled success. As stewards of progress and innovation, we remain steadfast in our dedication to driving transformative change within the food and beverage landscape.

“The Food & Beverage industry requires creative and technically proficient individuals. We can help you find the right people for the right jobs.”

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"MRG has been our strategic partner. Having a great recruiter is the most valuable professional service we utilize."

They delivered over a dozen hires with the right capabilities and cultural fit; they also did it in a timeframe that reduced my total costs and fueled growth. Delivering the right candidates quickly has a clear and obvious value in reducing the total costs of attracting/hiring/retaining the right talent. The bigger benefit is that top performers bring revenue sooner rather than later. Our relationship and success with Miller Resource has expedited and heightened our success, with a clear and compelling ROI.

Trent Overholt

Managing Partner, VMG Consultants & Advisors, Inc.

“After explaining our specific needs, he responded within three days with three candidates that were a perfect match.”

We had specific needs and requirements for an outside sales person and after one year of searching could not find the right candidate. After meeting with Mike Sullivan and explaining our specific needs he responded within three days with three candidates that were a perfect match. We hired one of the candidates and the process was very easy. Mike and his organization are very professional, work to a high standard of ethics, and are now a true partner for INTORQ U.S. I highly recommend them!

Ken Mueck

Director Sales and Marketing, INTORQ U.S.

"Miller demonstrates superior talent acquisition."

Miller Resource Group has been an a great partner in the TA function. They understand talent acquisition and deliver top notch candidates. Miller Resource Group is prompt on every aspect of the process which makes the partnership very successful!

James Burcham

TA Specialist, Kerry Ingredients

Our functional specialties are C-Level, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Logistics, Maintenance, Operations, Marketing, Quality Assurance, Research & Development, Sales, and Supply Chain.  We search and place people in individual contributor roles like Category Analysts or Flavor Chemists through middle management up to Directors, Vice Presidents, CEO’s, COO’s, and CFO’s.

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Food and Beverage Industry: Specialized knowledge that requires the best talent

At Miller we are passionate about finding the ideal talent for Food and Beverage jobs, taking into account our expertise, the industry’s requirements, and sourcing the best talent.

What does the food and beverage industry entail? Why is talent important?

At Miller we are experts in locating talent for specialized industries. In order to be able to do this, we make sure we have excellent, top notch knowledge on the industries we are working in and that we know what really makes them tick.

The food and beverage industry is a vital sector for the US, and it is one of the most visible industries when compared with any others. One thing is for sure: we all depend on them and use Food and Beverage services in our everyday lives.

Food and Beverage Industry: key elements

  • Food and Beverage includes Meat & Poultry, Nutritional, Products, Vegetables, Vegetarian and Vegan solutions, Dairy, Frozen foods, Specialist diets, Confectionary and online solutions.
  • Food and Beverage involves a core mix of diverse skills. It’s an industry that demands creativity, dynamic personalities and professional skills.
  • Why so diverse? Food and Beverage jobs are based on highly technical and often scientific-academic knowledge, mixed with a fast-paced, customer focused industry where personality is significantly important.

Food and Beverage: highlighting its importance in current times

At Miller we understand the important contribution of this industry during Covid-19, at the forefront of feeding the US (and exporting products) during the global pandemic. That makes it even more significant to nurture the correct talent.

Food and Beverage jobs: growing talent

Food and Beverage specialties include a range of roles such as C-suite executives, managers and analysts. The areas are Maintenance, Finance, R&D, HR, Flavor analysts and more. Go to for more information and you’ll be able to talk with our team as a candidate or employer. Find out what we can do for you!

News & Resources

HIRED! The Podcast (Ft. Gus Bageanis) │ Ep. #14

Dive into the intriguing world of "quiet quitting" as Gus Bageanis shares insights on its origins, impact, and strategies for fostering employee engagement. Join the conversation to discover how organizations can navigate the evolving landscape of workplace dynamics.

How to Carry out the Functions of a Food & Beverage Director in the Most Efficient Way

Food and Beverage director positions require key talent. People who are passionate about food, leisure, beverages, service and optimizing profit without losing sight of service will thrive in this dynamic sector. Service plays a huge role, as does coordination, logistics and understanding finance.

Why is talent acquisition important

Talent acquisition is the base of any industry and fundamental for employers. In this blog, we aim to highlight the importance of finding the right talent for your organization, whether you’re a recruiter, large organization, startup or candidate. We have been working in talent acquisition

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