Why is talent acquisition important

Talent acquisition experts: why is good talent acquisition consultation essential for your organization?

Talent acquisition is the base of any industry and fundamental for employers. In this blog, we aim to highlight the importance of finding the right talent for your organization, whether you’re a recruiter, large organization, startup or candidate. We have been working in talent acquisition for 50 years and specialize in placing the most expert talent in roles that enhance our client’s success and helps their organizations to achieve their goals.

Talent acquisition: the lowdown

Talent acquisition jobs are a broad area of professionals that work in all aspects of attracting, pooling , recruiting, interviewing and selecting talent for an organization. However, this exciting sector certainly stretches even further than that, as it also involves onboarding, induction and in some case, elements of training and retention, depending on the organization.

At Miller, we always emphasize the importance of talent acquisition jobs as a specialist role that requires a vast but profound skillset including organizational knowledge, ability to adapt to process, administrative skills, top notch communication skills and people skills to fully understand candidates and colleagues across an organization, including HR teams, R&D departments and the board of directors. That’s why we invest in close relationships with our clients, making sure that we understand their story and goals in order to pinpoint the people who best fit their organizational culture, often in the most high-level positions in the company’s organizational chart.

Talent acquisition specialists: what we do and why it’s fundamental

  • Coordinating with hiring managers to identify staffing needs based on the organization’s mission, results, goals and target audiences.
  • Determining a detailed selection criteria based on the requirements of each of the organization’s departments. The goal is to find the talent that best fits the role, team and company culture.
  • Sourcing potential candidates through a diverse range of channels, reaching out to the right people and planning interview processes.
  • Designing interview processes in order to get the best out of candidates and fully review if they are suitable for the organization’s needs.
  • Building long-term relationships with potential candidates and using this networking to fully benefit and support the company when it comes to hiring rounds, open positions and interview processes.
  • Keeping our client’s goals and company culture in mind.
  • Focusing on what we do best: working in the industries we specialize in to find the best talent for director positions in Chicago and across the United States


Talent acquisition experts: what does a professional team bring to your organization?

Talent acquisition specialists work with people and it’s important that they understand what makes people tick. Oftentimes, talent acquisition specialists liaise between HR teams, managing directors of individual company departments and candidates, with the goal of finding the best fit for the organization and the candidate.

This means that the role involves a lot of responsibility and a professional team that is able to work proactively to circumstances that can change quickly and require taking a new direction to find the right talent. This is where working with a professional team of people with 50 years of experience can really make the difference. At Miller, talent acquisition is what we do. It’s much more than just a department or area, it’s who we are and what we are passionate about.

Talent acquisition: how much does it cost for professional consultation?

The average recruiter or headhunter salary in the US sits at just under $70,000. It is, however, important to remember that when you choose to partner with a talent acquisition specialist to find the best people for your organization, fees will vary from company to company and can be discussed in-depth.

Miller: expert advice for candidates and employers

At Miller, we are proud of the relationships we build and sustain with our clients, with both employers and candidates. Our people are experts in guiding candidates and employers who want to work with the most expert talent acquisition team and find the right fit. Get in touch with our team to have a conversation about your needs and how you can find the best director and management talent for your organization.

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