How to Carry out the Functions of a Food & Beverage Director in the Most Efficient Way

First, it’s important to remember that Food and Beverage managers work across a large, exciting diversity of businesses and markets. Food and Beverages are a key industry in the United States and globally, with 10% or above of US workers employed in the restaurant sector alone. The sector can include packaged foods companies, agriculture, restaurants, chains, fast food, tourism-based food and beverage businesses and drinks, including sodas and alcoholic beverages.

Further categories can include Bakery, Confectionary, Dairy, Distribution, Flavors, Food Manufacturing Equipment, Frozen Food, Logistics, Meat & Poultry, Nutritional & Organic Products, Produce, Spices & Seasonings, and Shelf-Stable Products across a range of organizations and brands.

This list is not exhaustive and gives just a taste of the range of executive roles you’ll find in this continuously growing industry.

Nowadays, exciting new concepts such as pop-up restaurants, gourmet fast food options and home delivery options continue expanding the reach of the food and beverage industry in the United States.

Food and Beverage Directors: The Key Talent That Keeps the Industry Ticking

Food and Beverage director positions require key talent. People who are passionate about food, leisure, beverages, service and optimizing profit without losing sight of service will thrive in this dynamic sector. Service plays a huge role, as does coordination, logistics and understanding finance.

Food and Beverage Director Job Description: Key Roles and Responsibilities

  • Directing the organization’s food and beverage planning and conceptualizing projects
  • Planning, coordinating and overseeing special events, seasons and promotional drives across the organization
  • Menu planning, creativity and costing across the organization, looking at local or regional differences and success of menu items
  • Moderating organizational structure with key communication channel enabling managers, supervisors and other players to feel supported and work successfully with their teams
  • Strategic decisions to streamline costs and optimize results including potential input into budget decisions

Food and Beverage Director Jobs: Must-Have Skills

  • Excellent management of human resources: ensuring that talent is managed correctly and receives the right support so that managers and supervisors across the organization have the tools to meet their targets.
  • Material resource management: directors in these roles will need to have an eye firmly on finance, spending, resources and where those resources are placed. Knowing what works and what doesn’t, which often varies from state to state or even between locations is key to optimizing company success.
  • Preserving great levels of service from the top: leading by example and being connected to your locations. It’s important to remember that, in order to succeed as an excellent director, you’ll visit your locations and be in touch with your teams on the front line.
  • Understanding finance, budgeting and targets: you’ll need to understand your company’s financial situation to high-level and be prepared to give educated and well-informed decisions on budgeting as well as applying this through your organizational strategy and goals.

Food and Beverage Director Salaries

Average Food and Beverage director salaries in the United States come in at an average of $85,000. It’s important to consider how diverse the industry is and the range of salaries which reflect this. The industry is certainly a place of healthy promotion and opportunities for candidates to grow.  Bear in mind that travel will often be essential, at least across state or nationally and the job often falls outside of the traditional 9-5 schedule, with directors participating in activities and calls across the week depending on business needs.

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