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The goal of Miller Resource Group is simple: we strive to understand our clients' vision, goals, and culture and aim further to find candidates whose aspirations, skills, and values are a match, creating a new opportunity for both. When those matches flourish, magic happens.

Great companies invest as much energy in attracting the right people as they do in pursuing new customers. That's where we come in. It's what we do, and we've been doing it well since 1970.

“You keep doing what you do best and let us help you with what we do best... building companies and advancing careers.”

Gary Miller - Owner/President

About Us

Our team is passionate about pairing the right candidates with the right positions. Learn a little bit more about the individuals that makes the Miller Resource Group team your trusted talent partner.

Jenny Keough

Office Manager

Natalie Sarris

Talent Access Coordinator

Sarina Alesi

Talent Access Coordinator

Alex Chausovsky

Vice President of Analytics and Consulting

Erica Campbell

Talent Access Coordinator

Robin Wojnicki

Executive Recruiter

Food & Beverage

David Chakmakjian

Sr. Executive Recruiter

Industrial Automation

Gus Bageanis

Vice President of Recruiting

Food & Beverage

Adrian Williams

Vice President of Executive Recruiting

Energy Management, HVAC, & Manufacturing

Denise Chludzinski

Director of Recruiting - Certified

Food & Beverage

Michael “Sully” Sullivan

Sr. Industrial Executive Recruiter

Factory Automation, Robotics, Motion Control, & Machine Vision

Art Ivanov

Director of Professional Services - Factory & Process Automation

Industrial Technology

Omar Cheboub

Executive Recruiter

Industrial Technology

Dolores Sauter

Director of Operations & Training

Jeffrey Jensen

Executive Recruiter

Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Andrew Atchison

Sr. Executive Recruiter

Industrial Automation - Packaging & Food Processing

Kimberly Bretz

Sr. Executive Recruiter

Food & Beverage - Flavors & Ingredients

Lily Bageanis

Marketing Manager

Lisa Schneider

Executive Recruiter

Food & Beverage

Paula Ahlgren

Director of Finance

Matthew Westrom

Internet Researcher

Noah Cuff

Video Production Coordinator

Victoria Davey

Manager of Search Operations

Travis Miller


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The level of quality that we provide comes from a long history of service spanning over 5 decades years. Miller Resource Group was originally founded as Sales Consultants of Oak Brook in 1970 by the late Donald W. Tobin. As one of the earliest franchises of MRINetwork, then Management Recruiters International, the firm's original charter was to recruit and place sales and marketing executives.

In 1985, a highly successful Account Executive at the firm, Gary Miller, purchased the office from Tobin. Since that time, Gary has guided the firm to become one of the premier offices in MRINetwork.

Many of our original clients were Sales Executives, whose career success had catapulted them to General Manager or CEO. These clients continually asked us to expand beyond sales and marketing and into the areas of finance, operations, engineering, manufacturing, and management.

Responding to market demands, the firm expanded its functional expertise to better serve our clients' needs. We acquired the Management Recruiters franchise and a contract staffing capability. In early 2004, the firm's name changed to Miller Resource Group to simplify our brand strategy.

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