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Johnathan Freeman | Miller Resource Group

"My days are spent learning more about what innovators and thought leaders are looking for in top talent, and armed with that knowledge, I identify and network with outstanding industry talent to identify their ideal career."

Elevating the talent landscape in Industrial Automation with Johnathan Freeman: Your Executive Recruiting Expert

Are you a forward-thinking professional navigating the dynamic landscape of industrial automation, eager to make a career-defining move in machine vision, robotics, or turnkey systems? Look no further than Johnathan Freeman, an esteemed Executive Recruiter at Miller Resource Group. With a proven track record, Johnathan is dedicated to placing top-tier talent.


Strategic Talent Connections in Industrial Automation

In the realm of machine vision, robotics, industrial LED/lighting, sensors, instrumentation, optics, and inspection systems, Johnathan acts as the catalyst for your success, playing a pivotal role in shaping the industrial automation landscape through strategic talent connections. Navigate the ever-evolving automation landscape with confidence, knowing that John excels in fostering connections between professionals and companies.

Distinguishing himself in the dynamic domains of machine vision and robotics, John seamlessly facilitates connections among professionals and companies, catering to a diverse range of organizations with employee counts spanning from 10 to 1000+ and revenues ranging from 5 to 100+ million. His proficiency extends across critical roles such as Sales Leadership, Sales Engineers, Key Account Managers, Business Development Representatives, Applications Engineers, and Controls Engineers.


Key Expertise

Sales Leadership Recruitment: Finding visionary leaders to drive sales strategy and growth. 
Sales Engineers & Key Account Managers Recruitment: Placing technical sales professionals who bridge the gap between technology and customer needs.
Applications & Controls Engineers Recruitment: Sourcing experts who innovate and optimize industrial processes.


Forging Alliances with Industry Leaders

As an Executive Recruiter, John collaborates with a diverse array of organizations within the industrial automation landscape, ranging from agile startups to established global giants, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by teams of various sizes.

John employs a nuanced approach to talent acquisition that goes beyond surface qualifications, uncovering the hidden gems that drive organizational growth and success.

Actively engaging in events such as A3 and Automate, John remains at the forefront of industry trends, providing invaluable insights and opportunities to both clients and candidates. By staying ahead of the curve, he ensures that his network is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging technologies and market shifts, fostering a symbiotic relationship between industry dynamics and individual career trajectories.


Exclusive Recruitment Services Tailored to Your Needs

John offers exclusive, time-saving recruitment services, connecting industrial automation clients with pre-vetted, right-fit Sales Leaders, Sales Engineers, Key Account Managers, Business Development Representatives, Applications Engineers, and Controls Engineers tailored to their specific needs, mission, and brand. Retained or contingent searches are seamlessly executed, addressing urgency and client requirements.


Building Long-Term Relationships for Sustained Success

At the core of John’s success is the cultivation of enduring relationships. Through attendance at trade shows such as A3 and Automate, active participation in LinkedIn posts, and occasional personal outreach, John ensures a well-connected and engaged network. As an executive recruiter, John thrives on relationships and a people-first mentality. Acting as a matchmaker between companies and candidates, John focuses on fostering long-term employment and business relationships, contributing to sustained success and consistent growth.


The Role of Executive Recruiter at MRG

As an executive recruiter at MRG, John brings client stories to the market, inspiring individuals to consider becoming part of compelling narratives. This approach facilitates connections beyond employment, fostering enduring partnerships between talent and industry leaders.

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