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"We serve others by growing ourselves. You never arrive. Keep searching….keep moving."

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Over four decades in the Executive Search Business…same company. You would guess I love what I do and be correct. The number of people I’ve met and companies we’ve helped has been and continues to be an enlightening experience. I have been called a headhunter, but have learned to look for heart and soul as well.

I began with this firm in 1977 right out of college and liked it so much I bought the firm in 1986. Everywhere I look, I see opportunity…opportunity to connect with people, and help them get connected to others.   We get the word out about great opportunities to candidates who ought to hear it.  It’s word of mouth advertising at its best.

“Every company comes with a story, and the possibility of a great adventure.” – Benjamin Wallace

If  you want to find great talent, explore new career options, or even use our network to find new customers or business partners, send me a note and a number and we’ll talk….seriously.

Specialties: Our Executive Search and Consulting firm continuously looks for difference makers in professional, managerial and executive level functions including Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Research and Development, Operations and Human Resources. Major sectors we focus on are Process Control, Industrial Automation, Industrial Technology and Food Manufacturing.

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