At Miller, we play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the robotics industry by connecting top talent with leading companies at the forefront of innovation. As recruiters specializing in the robotics sector, we understand the unique needs and challenges of this dynamic industry.

In today's rapidly evolving robotics industry, finding the right talent is crucial for success. Our team of recruitment specialists is dedicated to identifying and placing highly skilled professionals in key roles within robotics companies, thereby facilitating connections between talented individuals and visionary companies. Whether it's robotics engineers, software developers, or project managers, we have the expertise to match candidates with the right opportunities.

By facilitating connections between talented individuals and visionary companies, we contribute to the continued growth and advancement of the robotics industry. From startups to multinational corporations, we work with organizations of all sizes to build high-performing teams that drive innovation and push the boundaries of robotics technology. Explore our collection of success stories to see how we've helped companies in the robotics sector find the talent they need to thrive.

Whether you're a seasoned professional looking for your next career opportunity or a company seeking top talent to drive your robotics initiatives forward, Miller is here to help. Partner with us and take the next step in shaping the future of the robotics industry.

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"Miller Resource Group is a vital and trusted recruiting company."

Miller Resource Group is a vital and trusted recruiting company for hard to find personnel in the process control industry. Their abilities to find excellent candidates that fit our business was outstanding. Miller became a real team player by keeping all parties up-to-date and aware of the process steps. A 5 star organization!

Charlotte Hill

Former President of Georg Fischer Signet LLC

"Miller demonstrates superior talent acquisition."

Miller Resource Group has been an a great partner in the TA function. They understand talent acquisition and deliver top notch candidates. Miller Resource Group is prompt on every aspect of the process which makes the partnership very successful!

James Burcham

TA Specialist, Kerry Ingredients

“After explaining our specific needs, he responded within three days with three candidates that were a perfect match.”

We had specific needs and requirements for an outside sales person and after one year of searching could not find the right candidate. After meeting with Mike Sullivan and explaining our specific needs he responded within three days with three candidates that were a perfect match. We hired one of the candidates and the process was very easy. Mike and his organization are very professional, work to a high standard of ethics, and are now a true partner for INTORQ U.S. I highly recommend them!

Ken Mueck

Director Sales and Marketing, INTORQ U.S.

Our focus is Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and Operations. We search for professionals at all levels, including key individual contributor roles such as Sales, Engineering and Product Management, and senior leadership positions such as Director, Vice President and C-level executives.

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What is Robotic technology? Changing the rules of the game

The automation industry offers massive benefits for workers, company directors, stakeholders and the general public in the United States and across the entire globe. Systems in place in key industries where we have worked for more than 50 years, such as Food and Beverage, Industrial Technology and Agriculture are finding that robotic technology enhances their productivity, streamlines the time workers need to spend on certain tasks, frees up time which can be used for other key business activities and maybe most importantly, prevents accidents.
This is proving to be a continual game-changer for industries that require heavy industrial processes and situations where worker safety could potentially be jeopardized.
At Miller, we work to ensure that candidates and employers gain something from our talent recruitment processes and it’s no different with robotic technology jobs.

Key facts: robotic automation in the United States:

  • Robotics actually create more jobs

    Yes, you heard right! Many manufacturers had previously sent industry offshore due to lack of competition with cheaper manufacturing costs abroad. Robotic technology allows for processes to be streamlined in the United States, bringing more jobs back across the country, include all of the roles needed to supervise robotic technology.

  • Robotics are making industry more efficient

    Robotic automation is making processes faster and reducing downtime. This means workers can focus on key activities and responsibilities while getting sufficient amounts of downtime and allowing robotics to take on some of the toll.

  • Robotics are extremely scalable

    These technologies can be scaled to multiple locations across the industries we work in, meaning greater coverage, access to different regions and creation of local jobs.

Robotic automation jobs: the right talent for expert skills

Key robotic automation roles include: robotic material handling supervision, systems management executive, operational systems analysts and C-suite executives. We focus on director and executive positions, in addition to a range of specialist roles which require an expert fit for any organization.
At Miller, we understand the benefits brought to the table by robotic automation and the excellent results this technology can provide in helping companies perform better and streamline their systems. We specialize in working with companies and candidates for sales, marketing, engineering and operations and draw on the experience we have gained over the last 50 years’ working across the United States to find talent that best fits automated industries and systems.
It’s important that organizations find the most expert talent to confidently operate and manage robotic technology systems and make sure that they have the desired effect on their industry with the goal of improving results and working culture.
This talent often comes in the form of young professionals looking to kickstart their career and putting their up-to-date, cutting edge knowledge and experience at college into practice in a work environment. Older professionals are also retraining and branching out into automated technology roles.

How can we help you? Kickstart your career in robotic automation jobs or find the best talent for your organization

At Miller, our diverse team of professionals is waiting to have an in-depth conversation about your needs, projects and goals. when it comes to robotic technology automation and other industry developments, our expert team have the solutions and resources for your organization. Our key team members who specialize in automation technology roles across the key industries we work in can help you to find the best fit for your company or to kickstart your career and find a role that suits you.

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