7 Surefire Ways to Repel Candidates

By: Gary Miller & Denise Chludzinski

We all know that good candidates are darn hard to find AND they have choices. If you want to repel candidates during the courtship process, here are seven surefire ways to do just that:

Your website is void of any stories about your great culture.
Your job application is as cumbersome as possible.
Make sure people on your interview team don’t know why they are interviewing the candidate.
Look at your phone, check your email, or allow interruptions during the interview.
Take your time with the hiring process. Assume the candidate will wait for you.
Keep candidates in the dark about where they stand.
Make a low-ball offer after requesting the candidates desired range.
Of course we speak in jest, but you’d be surprised at the feedback we get from candidates where these events occur on a regular basis.

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