Goals & Rewards

By: Gary Miller

Goals & Rewards -  - Miller Resource Group

We’ve read and heard about the importance of GOAL SETTING…the importance of having them written and reviewing them often.  It’s an especially popular topic right now as people and corporations are intent on having CRYSTAL CLEAR goals for 2018.

It begs a question though…what are the rewards for achieving your goals?  How hard do you envision and articulate the REWARDS for all your hard work? Don’t rely on your company or someone else to decide how you’ll be rewarded.  How will you reward yourself? 

Begin with the end in mind.  The reward is the end, not the achievement of the goal.   A vacation, a car, a house, a pool, a seeded college fund are all great, but maybe the reward can be an incredible sense of satisfaction that you became the person capable of achieving those goals.

Best of luck on your REWARD SETTING campaign for 2018!

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