HIRED! The Podcast (Ft. Craig Salvalaggio) | Ep. #37

In a thought-provoking episode of HIRED! The Podcast, host Travis Miller sits down with Craig Salvalaggio, the accomplished President of Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT). This captivating conversation delves into the nuanced world of leadership within applied manufacturing, shining a spotlight on self-driven development and the integral role of accountability in achieving team success.

Navigating through the complexities of leadership, the episode offers profound insights into managing generational diversity, nurturing emerging talent, and envisioning the future of manufacturing with a keen focus on automation and education. The dialogue unfolds as a dynamic exploration, providing a comprehensive understanding of leadership dynamics while illuminating the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing technologies.

Craig Salvalaggio, a dynamic and esteemed leader, currently holds the position of President at AMT. Overseeing all facets of operations, from sales to engineering and talent management, Craig brings extensive technical expertise in automation and robotics to the forefront. His outstanding leadership skills drive AMT’s success, coupled with a dedication to expanding and diversifying both AMT’s systems and services market segments. Beyond his role at AMT, Craig actively contributes to the field of robotics, serving on the Robotics Tech Sector board and co-chairing the RIA Certified Integrator Program Committee within the Association for Advancing Automation (A3). A respected speaker and author, Craig shares invaluable insights on emerging technologies, culture, talent management, and the continual advancement of the field.

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