HIRED! The Podcast (Ft. MaryBeth Hyland) │ Ep. #10

In a world where organizational culture reigns supreme, the quest to define and nurture values has become paramount. Enter MaryBeth Hyland, the luminary behind SparkVision and the author of the transformative book, “Permission to Be Human.” In a captivating episode of “HIRED! The Podcast,” host Travis Miller embarks on an illuminating conversation with Hyland, delving deep into the heart of values-driven leadership.

Hyland’s journey begins with a nod to Simon Sinek, whose seminal work has underscored the importance of starting with “why.” She elucidates the distinction between vision, mission, and values, painting values as the guiding stars that illuminate the path to organizational success. With eloquence and clarity, Hyland emphasizes that values encapsulate the essence of “how” – the bedrock upon which organizations build their culture.

As the dialogue unfolds, Miller and Hyland traverse the terrain of implementation, where theory meets practice. Hyland, with her signature blend of wisdom and pragmatism, advocates for an approach rooted in authenticity and alignment. Rather than prescribing radical overhauls, she champions the notion of incremental adjustments – fine-tuning the organizational compass without losing sight of its true north.

At the heart of Hyland’s philosophy lies the concept of “value promises” – a code of conduct that transforms values into tangible actions. These promises, she explains, serve as the north star for behavior, fostering accountability and cohesion within the organizational fabric. Through real-world examples and compelling anecdotes, Hyland paints a vivid picture of values in action, inspiring listeners to embark on their own journey of cultural transformation.

As the conversation draws to a close, Hyland leaves listeners with a call to action – an invitation to embrace values as the cornerstone of organizational identity. With infectious enthusiasm, she implores leaders and team members alike to embark on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering the values that resonate at their core. For it is in this alignment, she contends, that true fulfillment and organizational success are found.

For those captivated by Hyland’s insights, the journey need not end here. “HIRED! The Podcast” offers a treasure trove of wisdom, with Hyland’s episode serving as a beacon of inspiration.

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