HIRED! The Podcast (Ft. Meaghan Ziemba) | Ep. #23

Welcome to HIRED! The Podcast, where we explore the world of work. In this episode, Travis Miller is joined by Meaghan Ziemba, the owner of Z-Ink Solutions and host of the Mavens of Manufacturing podcast.

Together, Travis and Meaghan explore the future of manufacturing, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity in the industry. They discuss challenges faced in attracting and hiring women in manufacturing and highlight the need for diverse representation to foster innovation and growth.

Meaghan shares insights into workforce development in manufacturing, recounting her experience assisting a teacher in Virginia with a damaged cable for their FANUC Cobots. They discuss reaching out to high school students through creative storytelling and hands-on activities to generate interest in engineering and manufacturing careers.

Meet Meaghan Ziemba, a successful entrepreneur and host of the Mavens of Manufacturing podcast, who has made a significant impact in encouraging women to explore opportunities in manufacturing. Alongside her podcast, Meaghan leads Z-Ink Solutions, demonstrating her commitment to connecting people and overcoming challenges in the manufacturing sector.

Join us for an insightful conversation on the future of manufacturing and the importance of diversity and collaboration in driving industry growth. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast and hit the notification bell to stay updated on all episodes of HIRED! The Podcast.

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