HIRED! The Podcast (Ft. MRG Recruiters) | Ep. #35

Dive into the dynamic world of HIRED! The Podcast with host Travis Miller and special guests Johnathan Freeman, Kathleen “Kacie” Chitwood, and Dakota Montavon from the Miller Resource Group team. In this engaging episode, these newer employees share their experiences and perspectives on the job hunting process, offering invaluable insights for candidates seeking their dream positions. From crafting resumes to acing interviews, they discuss actionable tips to enhance candidates’ chances of success.

This podcast goes beyond job seekers, serving as a valuable resource for companies aiming to attract top talent. Travis and his guests delve into effective strategies and approaches that make organizations stand out in the competitive job market. Join us for candid discussions and expert insights on recruitment, job hunting, and building a company that attracts the best talent. Subscribe now to elevate your career and enhance your hiring practices.

Meet the Guests:

Johnathan Freeman: Executive Recruiter at Miller Resource Group, specializing in industrial automation. With a people-centric approach and a vast industry network, Johnathan matches candidates with ideal career opportunities. Known for valuable interview prep and career advice content on LinkedIn.

Dakota Montavon: Account Executive at Miller Resource Group, excelling in manufacturing and automation. Adept at aligning technical expertise and cultural fit, forging lasting partnerships that drive innovation and growth.

Kacie Chitwood: Account Executive at Miller Resource Group, a passionate salesperson and coach committed to shaping an innovative workforce in industrial automation. Specializes in connecting top talent with exceptional companies, ensuring growth and success. Transforming lives one role at a time.

Connect with Johnathan Freeman, Kathleen “Kacie” Chitwood, and Dakota Montavon:
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