Hiring Freeze Does Not Equal Evaluation Freeze

By: Gary Miller

You started the year strong and were looking to blow past your 2020 goals. You were getting creative, collaborating with teams, and hiring great people to help you grow. The economy was solid. This will never end! Until it did…double black swans. I hate it when that happens.

Let’s put on rose-colored glasses and fast forward to August 1st, 2020. Payroll Protection Plan helped you weather the storm. Travel bans are pretty much eased. The world is used to physical distancing and is getting pretty good at it. Testing is finally where it needs to be. Baseball is back. Confidence is growing in your company. Your plans are coming together to finish the year on a high note. This all sounds good except…

We are being battle-tested right now. People with drive, endurance, and passion will win. They always do. You’ll need more of these people. Yes, amidst the chaos, hiring may not be at the top of your priority list but a hiring freeze should not mean an evaluation freeze. On August 1st, will the right people be outside your door ready to step in? They will be there if we start strategizing now.

Let’s work together to make sure we’re evaluating talent for you so you can act quickly when the time is right.

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