Hiring Season is Here!

By: Gary Miller

Hiring Season is Here! -  - Miller Resource Group

Football season is kicking off in September, the World Series takes place in October and the next thing you know, November and Thanksgiving are here.  These three months are also Hiring Season!

If you want a new hire to impact 2019 results, don’t ignore this time span. With the time it takes to locate and secure a top performer in today’s job market, now is the best time to put recruiting on the priority list.  If you land a new candidate by early November, they can get ramped up to contribute in January.  If you start in December, it’s too late.  The time approaching Christmas and through New Year’s Day is a difficult time to be courting a candidate, arranging interviews and onboarding.

Face it…if you can’t get a new hire to join by Thanksgiving, it may be February before they can even start.  They won’t be up to speed until Q2 of next year.  Can you wait that long?

The economy is ripe and good candidates are in demand. If you want to get a head start on 2019’s performance, let’s get started.  Let us know how we can help.

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