We Serve Others by Growing Ourselves

By: Gary Miller

I saw a video of a fellow who noted that the wealthiest and most successful people have a servant mentality.  True perhaps, but does that mean doing anything for your self is, well, selfish?  If you exercise, eat well, read a book, save for retirement, take care of your house, and indulge in a hobby, who are you serving?  Does serving others ONLY mean volunteering at homeless shelter or being on the board of a local charity? Don’t YOU benefit from volunteering?   Biology and the ego require that you think of yourself.  The only pitfall is thinking of your self TOO much or thinking TOO highly of yourself.  Taking care of your self and your surroundings and focusing on your own growth and development is extremely responsible, for everyone’s sake.  Where would we be as a society if everyone took care of themselves, physically and mentally, and took care of their surroundings?   How can you serve anyone if you yourself are not growing?  Volunteer if you will, it’s valued and appreciated.  Above that, take care of your body, mind and spirit…and keep on growing!

We Serve Others by Growing Ourselves -  - Miller Resource Group

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