HIRED! The Podcast (Ft. Frank Devine) | Ep. #29

In a dynamic episode of HIRED! The Podcast, host Travis Miller delves into the realm of effective leadership and organizational success with special guest Frank Devine, Founder of Accelerated Improvement and author of Rapid Mass Engagement. The conversation revolves around the transformative power of consensus, reimagining HR policies, and cultivating a resilient culture.

Travis engages in a captivating dialogue with Frank Devine, an industry trailblazer, to uncover insights that drive meaningful change within organizations. The episode explores the profound impact of consensus, surpassing the limitations of compromise. Discover how consensus fosters collaboration, fuels innovation, and delivers exceptional results, challenging conventional decision-making approaches.

Frank Devine brings his expertise to the forefront, specializing in creating bottom-up High-Performance continuous improvement cultures. He introduces The Cathedral/Higher Purpose Model, a comprehensive leadership development system that sustains high levels of engagement. Frank’s proven track record includes 25% of Shingo Prizes awarded from 2010-2017 and positive findings in academic dissertations. He has trained senior leaders in renowned organizations like Johnson & Johnson, Rolls-Royce, and Coca-Cola, contributing as a visiting lecturer and providing executive coaching.

Explore alternative HR processes that enhance employee engagement, satisfaction, and overall productivity. This thought-provoking episode challenges outdated HR norms, offering fresh perspectives to elevate organizational dynamics. Join Travis and Frank on HIRED! The Podcast for a conversation that inspires change, innovation, and resilience in the ever-evolving landscape of leadership and corporate culture.

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