HIRED! The Podcast (Ft. Kristen Donnelly) | Ep. #28

In the latest riveting episode of HIRED! The Podcast, host Travis Miller engages in a dynamic conversation with the esteemed Dr. Kristen Donnelly, Founder of Abbey Research and COO of Abbey Color. This thought-provoking discussion revolves around critical themes of tolerance, inclusion, and leadership.

Dr. Kristen Donnelly, a distinguished expert with an impressive array of credentials, challenges conventional perceptions by dissecting the term “tolerance.” Her unique insights and fresh perspective on the concept pave the way for an exploration of genuine inclusion within organizations. Travis and Dr. Donnelly collaboratively delve into practical strategies, offering actionable insights for companies aiming to create diverse, welcoming work environments.

The episode goes beyond theoretical discussions to unravel the essence of effective leadership. Dr. Donnelly, drawing from her extensive experience and wisdom, sheds light on the distinctive qualities and behaviors that distinguish exceptional leaders. Whether you’re a seasoned business professional, an aspiring leader, or simply captivated by these compelling topics, this episode promises to be a must-listen.

Notably, Dr. Donnelly’s accolades as an award-winning, fourtime TEDx speaker, international empathy educator, and researcher add depth to the conversation. With two decades of experience, she has played a pivotal role in helping individuals understand the beauty in differences and the power in inclusivity.

Join Travis Miller and Dr. Kristen Donnelly on this enriching episode that not only challenges perspectives but also provides actionable strategies for creating positive change within organizations. Explore the transformative power of genuine inclusion and gain insights into the qualities that define exceptional leadership. Immerse yourself in this captivating dialogue that promises to be a valuable resource for anyone passionate about fostering diversity, inclusion, and effective leadership.

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