How to find an executive recruiter

Working with the best executive recruiters to find the talent you need: The importance of professionalism when finding talent for your organization

The importance of good HR, recruitment, people management and policy revision have come to the forefront even more over the past year and a half, and talent acquisition expertise has become more important than ever. At Miller, these roles are an area of special expertise thanks to our years of experience in recruitment, talent management and employer-candidate resources, with a particular focus on finding top talent for director and decision-maker roles within our industries of expertise. It’s fundamental to know how to make an executive search for the right talent to fit company culture and working styles, from both a company and candidate perspective. That’s where Miller can help you find the right talent for your organization.

Executive recruiters: The lowdown

As the name suggests, executive recruiters are responsible for a key talent & HR role: finding candidates and managing processes of recruitment for companies and the candidates themselves. They tend to locate candidates based on detailed specifications related to industry expertise and job descriptions before conducting deep-diving interview processes. At this stage, executive recruiters use their knowledge and the intelligently built candidate and role profile to create a pool of suitable talent and make final hiring decisions.

Executive recruiter jobs require the professional to think in a broader and deeper way about their candidates’ journey and company requirements, using logic, insight and emotional intelligence.

The executive recruiter’s role is a vital part of making sure a company has the right human resources that fit with their goals and ethos.

At Miller, we cover all of this and more. When our clients choose to partner with us, they are guaranteed peace of mind and professionalism, with an expert team of hand-picked executive recruiters who place the right director-level talent in the right positions, ensuring a win-win situation for both companies and talent.

Executive recruiters: key skills

As we already saw, executive recruiter jobs require key skills and knowhow to ensure the right candidates are chosen for the right positions. At Miller, we offer the following key professional skills to our clients when accompanying you on that important journey of finding the right talent.

  • People skills

This should go without saying and is a skillset being taken seriously by leading organizations when it comes to all roles, not just executive recruiters. However, in the executive recruiter role, people skills are an absolute must-have. Charisma, the ability to listen, understanding other people’s emotions and knowing how to manage conflict or deal with managing people are fundamental. Our team, for example, take key decisions and know how to make the right judgement calls based on years of experience and truly understanding what our clients need when it comes to their talent search.

  • Technical skills

A strong background in using technology, software and people management programs to successfully run background checks, and perform updated research are things that form part of our culture at Miller and are extremely important when seeking the right talent for your organization.

  • Company knowledge

To put it simply, recruiters need to know what makes their client’s company or department tick and what the organization needs to continue achieving its goals and getting the best results. It comes down to much more than just choosing a good candidate and involves understanding the personalities, profiles and working styles that make the perfect fit for a role or department. At Miller, we specialize in making sure that our teams are passionate about the industries we work with. This results in a personalized process to pinpoint the exact talent you need for the c-suite positions you need to fill.


Executive recruiters: how much do they cost in the US?

The average national salary for an executive recruiter sits at $62,000 with a massive range in prices depending on the organization and expertise. The key advantage of working with a company that has 50 years of experience in finding the best directors is guaranteed professionalism and peace of mind in taking the right judgement calls. 


Miller: Finding the best talent with the most expert recruiters on the market

At Miller, we have 50 years of experience in working with talent management and have a team of specialists who can find the best executive talent, with a focus on high-level director positions and a range of other roles. Get in touch with our team and find out how you can better manage your executive recruitment solutions.

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