What Kind of Jobs Can Be Found in the Food Industry?

Food industry jobs are fundamental for the US economy and represent a massive range jobs ranging from food production, food manufacturing, food industry executive jobs, jobs with a specialized focused on the beverage industry and fast-food industry jobs. One thing is for certain: the food and beverage industry continues its growth, development and adaptation to the diverse challenges we’ve seen since the start of 2020 and is an attractive industry with ample opportunities for moving forward with your career. At Miller, we use our expert knowledge of the industries we specialize in to offer you contacts in a range of careers that include some of the highest paying jobs in the food industry.

Food and Beverage Industry Jobs: Key Facts

  • On a global level, the food and beverage industry is generally considered to be the largest industry across continents and countries and plays a key role in keeping any country, city or state moving.
  • Delving into the food industry, key areas of high impact include food production, manufacturing, management, fast food, restaurants and catering, beverage industry specialization and marketing solutions for the food and beverage industry.
  • In the United States, the food and beverage industry together with other food-related areas contributed $1.109 trillion to the GDP in 2019.
  • If we zero in on restaurants, food industry jobs in this sector make up 10% of the overall US workforce.
  • The food industry provides the opportunity to grow and be promoted to more senior positions in many areas making food industry jobs an excellent choice for those wanting to kickstart their professional journey or executives who are looking to step into a new industry.

Food and Beverage Industry Jobs: Executive and Management Roles in a Range of Specializations  

Take a look at some of the highest paying jobs in the food & beverage industry. Many of these roles feature on our listings and are positionings sought after by the companies we work with. Let’s look at 3 special selections.

  • Food and Beverage Directors:

Director roles often involve managing hundreds of staff in teams across restaurant locations. Daily duties such as budget setting, staying on top of staff implementation of campaigns and results at each location and for each region while also closely monitoring trends for potential implementation at locations with the aim of making the business thrive more, mean that this role is often much more than a 9-5 job and requires a huge amount of dedication. Salaries can  range from $100k-$250k depending on skillset and experience.

  • Operations Managers:

These roles feature an average salary of $55,000 depending on skills and experience and can provide the opportunity for huge career growth. Operations managers need to be logistically minded and work well under pressure and stress while taking into account the day-to-day activities in all of the locations they look after. Problem solving is paramount.

  • Quality Assurance Managers:

This role is critical to everything the food and beverage industry does across the United States and globally. The role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities in making sure that manufacturing processes are top notch, through careful monitoring and evaluation of practices, procedures and standards. Optimal coordination skills, attention to detail and a mindset centered on safety and compliance are essential for this role which can span across fast-food, farming and packaged food ranges. Average salaries fall into the $70,000 range.

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