How Many People Would Move to Work for Your Company?

By: Gary Miller

This year we had the pleasure of sponsoring Control Engineering Annual Salary Survey, and as a sponsor, we were able to ask respondents a few proprietary questions that only we saw the results to. The question we asked of Engineering Professionals was about their attitude toward relocation. We were amazed at how many people said they would with 66% in total responding in the positive. Only 34 % responded reluctant or not willing.

How Many People Would Move to Work for Your Company? -  - Miller Resource Group

Here’s the challenge…. how do you get the word out to those 66% cites who might consider moving to your area? Granted not all would target your locale, but many more are open than you think!

Posting a job on a job board like Indeed, Career Builder or Monster is one method, but you obviously must put your location. The challenge is in the search function. Suppose you’re located in Wichita or Kansas City or Portland, Maine. A good number of candidates would be willing to consider positions there, but a large portion won’t put that location in a key word search. They’re just “open” to move. They can search by State, but most job boards don’t allow multiple States. If you DO search by an entire state, the number of positions can be overwhelming.

So, these good candidates in other cities need to learn about you. How? One very good strategy is to partner with an Executive Search Firm that’s well established and connected very well in your industry. Since they search nationwide and perhaps even internationally, they continuously look for skilled, high potential professionals and certainly ask questions about locations they’d prefer and/or consider for a great opportunity. Answers like “East Coast” or “somewhere warm” are noted and coded. They can help spread the word about your positions and fantastic culture. They can help sell the region or neighborhood and might even have connections to relocation professionals who can help with cost of living questions early in the process.

If you want to expand your network, consider partnering with a well-known firm the focuses in your industry or the functions you’re recruiting for. If they’re a well-established firm and you have an alluring culture, you’re sure to be pleased with the results.

The 2018 Control Engineering Career and Salary Report reflects data gathered from 331 automation professionals; margin of error is +/- 5.4% at a 95% confidence level.

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