Trust Your Doctor, Accountant and Recruiter

Consider what you share with your Doctor or Accountant.   

Imagine this:  Your doctor asks how you’ve been feeling lately and you respond, “I’m not comfortable sharing that with you.”

Perhaps after your annual tax visit to your accountant, he sends you a note saying he needs two more bits of information to complete your tax return…you ignore the request.

This isn’t the way it works.  Your physical or financial health are at stake and you’re willing to cooperate fully. You tell them anything they want to know.  You want peace of mind, and full commitment to the process helps you get it.  You trust they’re 100 % committed to your well-being.

The same is true in Talent Engagement. Potential clients frequently want us to identify and refer Top-Shelf candidates but aren’t willing to invest the time helping us understand.

If you’re a Manager building teams, or a Human Resource Executive charged with keeping the talent pipeline full, put similar trust in your Executive Search partner.  They perform at optimum efficiency when there’s 100% trust.  Tell them anything they want to know. Invest the time and keep lines of communication open.  You’ll be rewarded with well qualified candidates being delivered in a timely fashion with the hope of that being the case, time after time.

-Gary Miller

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